Empowering HTML5 developers to build great multiplayer games

Easy setup

Just a few minutes of configuration and the skeleton of your game will be available online, and testable with your friends. No need for servers, we have you covered.

Easy to use

Just embed our javascript SDK into your game, and you'll have all the APIs to store and synchronize your game state at hand. And of course you're free to use any engine to build it.

No backend

Plynd provides the backend with the basic CRUD operations for you. To add more business logic, simply upload a js file with the functions you need, and Plynd SDK will do the bridge.


No need to re-build the login, invite and notifications flow. This is all covered for you, in a robust and efficient way. Yep, you can just focus on making the best game design!

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Arms Race

Adaptation of the famous game Risk, Arms Race lets you play on 4 different maps, either in a team game or solo.

Available on desktops and Android.